~enhancing your ability to be yourself and enjoy your life~

Hey there! We are Amy and Nathalie – two regular, everyday women who want to share our knowledge, experience, expertise, and training to help you empower yourself to live a happier, healthier life.

We like to think of ourselves as the yin and the yang of whole-self wellness. Yin and Yang are thought of as opposites, but each with a little of the other inside. The light is never fully light, and the dark is never fully dark. We are opposites in our approaches to whole-self health – One of us (Amy) is very mental health and psychology-focused; the other (Nathalie) is very focused on spiritual and mystical healing.

But inside Amy’s world of psychological healing is a kernel of spirituality. And inside Nathalie’s spiritual world of healing sits a kernel of psychology. As a team, we come together to help your #healingjourney from both angles as you inform yourself and empower yourself on your way toward a more fulfilling life.