Take your #healingjourney to the next level

Tiffany Dawn has come up with some great ideas for enjoying summer on a budget. Saving money doesn’t have to be dull! You can have a good time without spending a ton of cash… sometimes without spending any at all. Tiffany Dawn has come up with some great ideas for having fun while saving money. Some of these ideas are ones I am sure you have seen many times before, but hey, who doesn’t need a reminder now and then? Watch her video for a really off the wall idea she includes at the end – it really gets you thinking outside the box. What ideas do you have? She came up with this great thought of doing an idea swap. Comment on this post and/or her own to share some of your own great ideas with other people. The longer the list can get, the more things we all have to do!

Here ‘s a few ideas of my own, all thoroughly tested by yours truly and proven to be interesting experiences:

  • A bunch of my ideas are posted HERE – these ones are all about fun with friends.
  • Another bunch of my ideas are over HERE – these ones are all about embracing your inner child.
  • BONUS IDEA – Toe paint! We’ve all finger painted, but how many of us have toe painted? This isn’t free, but the dollar store (or your child’s bedroom) will have everything you need. You may get a foot cramp or two, but couple this with a bottle of wine and you and your friends are in for a good laugh or two.

What ideas do you have?

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