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About Us

What is Informed and Empowered?

Informed and Empowered is a platform we use to bring you our personal products and services as well as informative and helpful articles about mental, physical, relational and spiritual health.  If you are wondering who “we” are, check out our team page!

The name says it all.  We make it our mission to bring you the information you need to empower yourself to live a better life.  A life free of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, unhealthy habits and unsatisfying relationships – A life full of possibility, personal freedom, self-esteem and healthy relationships.

How Do We Do It?

Through our blog, we strive to bring you the information you need and deserve regarding all aspects of life.  Our dedicated team of researchers and writers bring you information about: mental health, physical health, relationships, and lifestyle.

We also help you put words into action by providing e-books, e-courses, worksheets and monthly challenges designed to free you from the constraints of your mind and your past while empowering you to live a brighter and more fulfilling life.

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