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Self Care and Self Esteem Writer – Erin Hill

“I am a blogger, coach, speaker and writer – all to be a healer of souls (including my own).  I am determined to shine light into some of the darkest places – women who have unhealthy relationships.  For me, that shows up as food binges and addict husbands.  I’ve experienced both leaving an addict marriage, and staying in one, all the while having weight and mental health fluctuations.  I have a unique ability to educate and inspire women to Care for themselves, Communicate their needs, and Connect with their tribe of fellow women who “get it”. My most motivational quote is – “Things don’t happen TO me, they happen FOR me.” This, my dear, can change everything.”


Spirituality and Lifestyle WriterLaura-Emily AnsellLaura-Emily Ansell

“Just released my first book after my exciting spiritual journey began. I enjoy guiding others down the path of enlightenment and will to help anyone who just wants to be happy. I believe joyfulness is the key to success in life and love brings you everything your heart desires. ” Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @beagoodsoul


Feature Articles and Organization Profiles – Therese Castro

“Hi, I’m Therese, and I used to not be so proud of my name. The Therese I knew 5 years ago was a perpetually stuck damsel-in-distress. I felt completely detached from life and held on to unhealthy eating habits and addictions to cope. Now, I’m proudly Therese; Therese who chooses self-love, hope, possibilities, and pursues what makes her soul sing. I empower others to take charge of their choices and help them see the bigger picture in their lives through holistic health counseling, and through the articles I write on my page.  I am studying to be a humanitarian focusing on developing country issues and I dream of traveling the world while making a difference.”


Relaxation, Meditation, and Communication Writer Judy Stern

My practice is a combination my extensive teaching experience and my healing gift that has been passed down from my mom. I have loved healing others ever since I was a little girl, and had the honor and blessing to have participated in Healing Circles from a very young age. I am passionate about giving healing energies and life-path guidance in order to bring you whole-self wellness and balance. I absolutely love being a teacher and a healing guide!  I am Healing Energy; Healing Energy IS me.  I am dedicated to helping and guiding you on your journey to living a happier, healthier and emPOWERed life.

I hold a Master of Education Degree, obtained at Long Island University  C.W. Post campus. I have extensive experience teaching people to make positive behavior changes as a Special Education Teacher and a Family Trainer. I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, obtained from the International Center for Reiki Training; a Law of Attraction Practitioner, obtained from the Global Sciences Foundation by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones; a Healer Within Practice Leader and a Medical Qigong Practitioner, certifications obtained from Roger Jahnke, OMD and Tina Zheng, PhD (respectively); and I have completed my 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Angela Strynkowski.




Former Contributors

IMG_7032(1)Mental Health and Lifestyle WriterCourtney Stich

“Hi all! I’m an educator, writer, parent, and all around juggler of life (aren’t we all?) JI absolutely love the outdoors, anything to do with the ocean, travel and I love to run! I’m a “no-sit still” type of person who, oddly enough, can be what you would consider “Type A” in some situations ( like sticking to a plan) and VERY “un-type A” in others (would that be a Type B or C?). I’m slightly obsessed with organic/all natural eating as of late (although I’m not too picky about my chocolate–hello M&M’s– or coffee choices). I’ve been seeking out the very best way to balance home and life as I move between full time worker and full time mom! I truly believe in the “do what you love, love what you do” mentality and hope to share some knowledge and experiences within this Lifestyle page that will enlighten and inspire others just as many authors have inspired me! Warmly, Courtney”


Alexis LorenzPhysical Health and Fitness Writer – Alexis Lorenz

“Hello, I’m Alexis. I am a scientist by training, but a writer by choice. I have an extensive background in immunology and I love reading and interpreting scientific papers. I look forward to sharing some of the most current scientific evidence for more alternative therapies with all of you! I am also an avid yogi, so don’t be surprised if some lovely yoga flows sneak in there from time to time. In my spare time you can either find me curled up on the couch with a book or riding my horse, Giselle. I am so eager to share so many different things with all of you, and please let me know if there are any topics you would like to be covered.”


Mental Health, Relationship and Lifestyle WriterMarika Fernandez

“Hi, I’m Rikka. I am currently a graduate student taking my MA in Counselling Psychology in the Ateneo de Manila University. I like to write and document about the useful things I’ve learned throughout the years. My goal is to help others maintain mental wellbeing, a lifestyle of peace, and loving relationships that last.

I enjoy travelling, playing video games and board games, running, hiking, reading, writing, researching and diving. You can read more about my hobbies and studies in my personal blog” at www.rikkafernandez.com


Laura FribergMental Health and Relationships WriterLaura Friberg

“Hello! I’m Laura. Are there any fellow warm-hearted nerds out there? This is for you. And anyone who loves helpful information. I’m a social neuroscientist and a teacher. That means that I love to learn about mental health and I love to share what I learn with others. My little secret is that I’ve been hoarding all this great info like it’s the last day that the internet will exist. I need to share it! I feel so lucky to have a space to pass along some of my favorite tips, tricks and knowledge bombs. I hope you enjoy these little gems. With Love, Laura”

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