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Who Are We?

1Founder, Head of Web Development and Content Management, Writer and Course Creator: Amy-Lynn Vautour

“I created Informed and Empowered a few years ago, but it began as a personal blog under a different name.  Slowly, with the help of MANY wonderful people (most notably all of those listed below) it has grown into something incredible – beyond my wildest dreams.  I sincerely hope that you are able to find something helpful here and do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, comments and IDEAS!

A graduate from Athabasca University (Honour’s Bachelor of Psychology), and a former group facilitator at center for women, I am currently excited to be pursuing my career as a blogger, freelance writer and author. I am an avid reader and enjoy creating visual and musical art in my spare time. I enjoy meditating, reading, hiking, mountain biking, and gathering around the dining room table to play board games with my family.”

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IMG_0163Head of Social Media and Marketing, Writer and Course Creator – Nathalie Bonilla

“As a psychology student, my goal in life is to bring help to those who otherwise would not receive it. Coupling that with my passion for physical health, I am on the pursuit of combining the two to promote an all around healthy lifestyle. While I can be stubborn, I am loyal and trustworthy to those I call friends or family. When I am not studying or reading I enjoy practicing yoga, meditation and hiking. I preach what I practice and will stand by what I believe in.”

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