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I recently came across a new book. I have heard of this book and spoken of it out of curiosity for many years. I first heard of Neale Donald Walsch when I watched and read The Secret. Neale always stood out to me with the words he used. I remember in the movie version of The Secret seeing him writing on an imaginary blackboard and stating that which he knows to be true and that was; ‘Neale Donald Walsh is a Handsome Man.” This always made me laugh and think, ‘good for you’, We should all be confident in who we are and where we come from. Therefore, seeing him state what he believed with such exuberance kept in neatly tucked away in my mind waiting to be explored when the time was right. Well, as it appears, this time arrived a mere three days ago.

Divinely Stumbling Upon This Book

I cannot remember how I came across it, I only remember that perhaps I saw his name on social media and of course, I knew who that handsome man was. One evening, I was scanning amazon for bargains which seems to be a weekly ritual of mine. Oh yes, I never thought I would see the day but it does appear that shoes are no longer the way to my heart, books are. Whilst continuing my search his name popped up and I always follow my heart when it comes to learning because it is my belief that I shall only read a book when it is the right time to do so. I am always finding bargain books and I know that if a book is to be mine it shall come at a very low cost because you cannot put a price on expansion.

This all reminds me of my absolute favorite paragraph of this book,

“I tell you this- I am performing a miracle right now. For not only am I speaking to you, but to every person who has picked up this book and is reading these words. To each of them am I now speaking. I know who every one of them is. I know now who will find their way to these words- and I know that (just as with all My other communications) some will be able to only listen, but will hear nothing.”

So, there is was, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch at just one penny. There are now four in total which I didn’t realize at first but at the time I purchased just book one. Now, I have number two on order. It arrived fast and was in my hands within days. The book was tattered and old, just the way I like a book to be! The first sentence had me hooked:

“In the spring of 1992- it was around Easter as I recall- an extraordinary phenomenon occurred in my life. God began talking with me. Through me.”

I loved how completely to the point this book began. There was no messing around, no introduction as such, just a pure statement- I talk with God. I loved it already.

What It’s About

Neale’s life had been a struggle for many years. He was homeless for one of these years which I learned later on. He was angry, frustrated and feeling powerless. His usual way of venting would be to write it all down and get it off his chest and this was a path he was about to journey down when his rage stepped up a level. He was not going to just write his anger out, oh no, he was going to write an angry letter to the Source itself, to the main creator. He was angry at God and wanted God to know this.

“Why wasn’t my life working? What would it take to get it to work? Why could I not find happiness in relationships? Was the experience of adequate money going to elude me forever? Finally- and most emphatically- what had I done to deserve a life of such continual struggle?”

Much to Neale’s surprise, the moment he finished his angry sentence and went to throw his pen to the side he could not. His hand was stuck there like it was being held down. His hand began to write and much to his amazement it read,

“Do you really want the answers to this question or are you just venting?”

And there it begins. An entire book of questions written to God. The book has covered many topics and is extremely similar to what I had learned throughout my teachers and teachings. The words resonate with my soul and are the exact same words that are taught by many other masters. This book gives a whole new meaning and a fresh take on everything. It covers a vast amount of topics and reminds us of things such as:

– There is no Hell

– We can stop war right now

– We can stop disease right now

– We are all Gods and Goddesses

– We create all ‘natural’ disasters

– We have many lifetimes

Some of the subjects in this book will be difficult for some people to swallow but it has changed my way of thinking and here are the best points that I have taken from it and will hold in my heart.


We are all One

We are all children of God and of the Universe. We can create as God does. We are supposed to.


God is Everything

God is contrast. God is one with everything. This common conception of, ‘if there was a God he would only do good’ is simply a misconception. You cannot learn one from the other. You cannot know hot if you do not know cold. You cannot know love if you have never felt fear. You cannot know positively if you have not experienced negativity. Therefore, God is in every experience, God is the cold, God is the fear and God is the negativity, God is everything and everything in between it.


There is no end goal other than to remember

There is no objective. No end goal to get to. We are simply creators and doing only this. We must lose who we know we are in order to find ourselves again. We are here to learn how to live at one with the Universe and create purposefully. We are here to just remember.


There is no right or wrong

This simply exists only in our minds. Really, there is no right or wrong, everything just IS. The sooner we release this the calmer our lives become.


Every thought is a Creation

Every single little thought is creating the next and therefore creating our future. It is of most importance to make these positive as to connect with God and to the Universe so that we can create abundantly and begin that journey of remembering.


This book has totally brought everything home to me in every way it can. My favorite part of this book was to simply learn that every intuition, every joyful urge, is one from God and from our Universe. If we follow it we follow our path to remember who we really are and therefore reconnecting. This is the way to happiness, it is the way to abundance in all areas. It is a way that I shall continue to enjoy flying through because I now have remembered my true worth and my fortune. I am one with God as are you.

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