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Handbook for Personal Healing

handbook for personal healing

What is the Handbook for Personal Healing?

The Handbook for Personal Healing was created to help you along the beginning or even the mid-point of your own personal journey toward self-worth, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-care, and self-empowerment.  We both have experienced many transformative moments in life – ones which have taken us outside the scope of our comfort zones and demanded us to look inward for guidance and growth.  We have made use of countless self-help books along the way and wanted to share some of what we have learned in a format familiar to us.

The Handbook doesn’t promise to run you through everything you need to know to move along your path – it is a ‘companion’ for your journey.  This means that it is written to support other help you may be receiving (from counselors, therapists, other books, or your religious leader).  It is something non-judgemental you can carry with you (in digital format or by printing it out) to lean on when the going gets tough.

Take your #healingjourney to the next level

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