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self forgiveness | forgiving the self

Practicing Self Forgiveness

This past week on #talkalottuesdays Nathalie and I discussed self-forgiveness. In our opinion, the idea of forgiving yourself is tied to the way you perceive the things you have done in your life - whether you ... Read More...

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

The Law of Attraction has become somewhat popular over recent years as more and more books flood the market on how to manifest your riches and attract the boy down the street that you’ve had a crush us since you were nine. Sadly, these books are leaving some p... Read More...
fear and roadblocks

How Your Fear is Connected to Roadblocks

Fear can be debilitating - stopping us in our tracks and altering our life paths completely - but it doesn't have to. This week we took to YouTube to discuss the roadblocks and challenges we face in life and how they are connected to FEAR.   "We should ... Read More...