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Mental Health and Self Esteem

Information about an assortment of mental health topics and tips for how to use that information to your advantage.

The PTSD and BPD Link

There have been ongoing discussions in the scientific community about the link between BPD and PTSD. Find out what this link can mean for possible treatments for both disorders. The PTSD and BPD Link Resear... Read More...

Letting Go of Perfectionism

This won't be a well-researched post, like some of the others you find here at Informed and Empowered.  Instead, this one is based more on life lessons. You're Not Perfect If you think you're perfect, I'm s... Read More...

The Ego versus Emptiness

The great Heart of Wisdom Sutra states that everything is emptiness and emptiness is everything.  In this case, emptiness is not what we believe it to be.  It is not meaninglessness, carelessness, or uselessnes... Read More...