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Looking to contribute a piece to our website? Have a like-minded business or project you would be interested in sharing through our website? Contact us directly through the comments section, contact page or at info@informedandempowered.com today to for more information about how you can get involved in the #healingjourney of our readers.


Guest Posting

Whether you are simply trying to boost your own visibility on the internet, are trying to build a portfolio, or simply want to test the waters of working with our team, you are invited to submit one article at a time to avoid the pressure of being scheduled into our system

  • Guest posts will be made on a volunteer basis (you will not be paid for these contributions).
  • If you submit an article for use on this website and the article is accepted, you agree to give your work, exclusively, to the founder and editor for use on informedandempowered.com and will not publish this work, in its entirety, anywhere else. Publishing part of the work and redirecting readers to informedandempowered.com to read the full story is allowed.
  • Your name, a biography, and links to your social media and websites will be added to your blog post/article.

**We invite our guest posters to contribute as many posts as they like, though they may not all be accepted!  Contact us using the form below for more information.



We used to run Google AdSense but have made the shift to a not-for-profit structure, whereby all ads on this website are solely for those who work with us.  If you would like to partner-up with us, we will gladly look into posting your ads on our website in exchange for you posting ours on your website.  We are also open to doing the same on social media.


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