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Introduction to Personal Boundaries


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The boundaries we have between ourselves and the people around us help define who we are and how we live.  The degree to which our boundaries are respected by others greatly influences how we feel.  How well our boundaries are respected, however, is also itself influenced by how well we define them.

This course is designed to help you learn about your boundaries, define them, and maintain them.  We will help you move closer to achieving these goals by moving through five simple parts:

1.  Introduction – What Are Boundaries?

2. Part Two – Boundary Violations

3. Part Three – Defining Your Boundaries

4. Part Four – Erecting Your Boundaries

5. Part Five – Maintaining Your Boundaries

Join us on this journey into yourself and into your interpersonal world.  Learn how to step fully into your own personal power to build a life of happiness, confidence and self-empowerment.


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  • Part One - Introduction 

  • Part Two - Boundary Violations 

    • Part Two Introduction
    • What Are Boundary Violations?
    • Types of Boundary Violations
    • The Effects of Boundary Violations
    • The Violator and The Victim
    • Part Two Discussion
  • Part Three - Defining Your Boundaries 

    • Part Three Introduction
    • Outlining Your Boundaries
    • Life Roles, Relationships, and Boundaries
    • Your Boundaries, Your Way
    • Your Boundaries Reflection
    • Part Three Discussion
  • Part Four - Erecting Your Boundaries 

    • Part Four Introduction
    • Your New Specific Boundaries
    • Barriers to Boundaries
    • How to Erect Boundaries
    • Part Four Discussion
  • Part Five - Maintaining Your Boundaries 

    • Maintaining Your Boundaries
    • Congratulations