Take your #healingjourney to the next level

Self-care is becoming a “buzzword” of sorts and everyone’s all about it, but how do you really get started? Lucky for you, we’re doing a crash course in self-care on our private Facebook group for the month of October – 28 days of self-care, guided by myself and Nathalie – working with you step by step.

Reading this AFTER October 2017? Not the type who likes to participate in group self-help activities? No worries – that’s why I wrote this blog post – to give you a quick crash course in self-care so that you can do the #28dayselfcarechallenge on your own. AND to make things even better, we are offering a new Self-Care checklist to help you through your

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What is Self-Care?

To be brief, self-care is, obviously, the act of taking care of yourself.  But it’s deeper than that.  It’s about caring for your whole self.  What does self-care include?

Take your #healingjourney to the next level

Who Needs Self-Care?

EVERYONE!  Come on, you knew that answer, right?  Here are a few types of people who may need to remember the importance of self-care:

How Do We Practice Self-Care?

Actually practicing self-care instead of just talking about it as if taking a bubble bath is sufficient can be difficult. There’s a lot more to it than that. The fact that you’re here, reading this, tells me that you understand that point. So, what can you do to move beyond the idea of “watching my favorite TV show once a week is sufficient”?  (Note – just doing that one thing is a great start).

Define Self-Care in Your Life

Step one is defining self-care in your own life.  Use the list above to start figuring out new ways you can take care of yourself and things you are already doing that you would like to maintain.  After you’ve done that the next step is, of course, taking ACTION.

Take Action

AHH! This was all so easy when all I had to do what think about it and plan it!!  Trust me, if you’re feeling this way it’s absolutely normal.  In fact, I often feel this way. Yup… I write about this stuff OFTEN (sometimes for a living) and I also struggle with it from time to time. Lately, actually, I’ve struggled with it greatly. I’m the have a superwoman mentality and doing things for me without going above and beyond for other people.  I know how scary it is to take action.  So don’t worry… I’ll break this one down into smaller steps.

Come Up with a Self-Care Plan

Figure out exactly what you want to achieve when you want to achieve it by, and come up with a self-care schedule.  Here are a few tips for creating a solid self-care plan:

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew – make your schedule something that starts off slow then progresses.
  • Make your schedule flexible – it will help you not feel overwhelmed or like it’s an impossible task.
  • Start with easy things like doing more of what you like and what makes you feel relaxed, then work your way up to harder tasks.
  • Collect helpful resources.  Lucky for you we have a TON of those here at Informed and Empowered.
  • Create a checklist – it’s easier to keep track of your self-care with a handy checklist, isn’t it?  Download ours from the free resources library.

Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Self-Care

Making real change in our lives is difficult, especially if we allow feelings of fear or obligation stop us from making those changes.  A lot of people say this is the case where their own self-care is concerned.  I know I’ve felt that way many times.  I start working on my self-care and then I stop, abruptly.  I let life take over and tell myself, “I’ll get back to my self-care.”  But it takes a long time to get back to it and I am worse-off for jumping off the boat.

Don’t do what I’ve done far too many times. Get someone else involved in your self-care process.  Invite a friend to participate in a self-care challenge.  Join our group and complete the challenge with us on our Facebook group.

Where can you get your hands on our #28DaySelfCareChallenge AND the Self-Care Checklist? The challenge with easy, beginner-style self-care challenges – one a day for 28 days.  Just click right here to join our mailing list and gain access to an entire library of free resources including our #28DaySelfCareChallenge.


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