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Many people suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety these days, in fact, if you have never had any of these feelings then you may even be considered rare. This is due to an imbalance somewhere in our lives that cause us to lose touch with who we truly are but what are we supposed to do when we feel this way?


It can sometimes seem rather daunting to sit and visualise when you are in the middle of your work day, sat at your desk, swamped with work and with dozens of people brushing past you but this is why it is so impotent to get into your own mind. There is a balance in the Universe, a Yin and Yang. We must stay balanced to stay the happiest but when we lack in one area our base seems to fall crumble. We see this a lot in the working work where people put too much time on work and not enough time of family, loved ones, themselves, their bodies or their minds. Just look at Japan, a country that is known for its technology and to be so far ahead in the biz yet so far ahead that they have left their true selves behind. In Japan, it is not uncommon for a working man or woman to simply drop dead on their feet because of working too many hours. They have a name for this, it is all Koroshi.

It is so important to find that balance and our divinity and we all have different methods for reducing stress and visualising seems to be one of the most popular as we can do it anywhere but what are we supposed to visualise? I have spoken to many people over the years who have experienced stress at work or through their personal lives and come up with the top 5 scenes for visualising including some of the ones that I have used myself over the years.


The Classic Beach

Many people are told to visualise a beach when they are meditating in fact, most guided meditations spend the first 10 minutes getting you to that beach in order for you to lay out in the sand, hear the ocean, hear the bird, and feel the sun bouncing off your back. Most people can agree that if they see a blue sky smiling at them as soon as they open those curtains in the morning they instantly feel energetic and are eager to get out for the day. Sun has Vitamin D which we all need and so naturally we crave the sunshine. This is why it feels so good and why it makes it a great place to visualise. Not only that, the ocean itself has many healing properties and by resting your mind there you can also get a grasp of those healing energies.


A Garden of Flowers

We all love beautiful flowers. Dozens of them! Yellow, pink, purple, green, orange, violet, red, every colour we can think of. If anyone has ever been in a field of flowers they will know just how divine that scent really is and who would not want to spend a day in that? Visualising such a place is not only soothing but you also do not have to worry about the hay fever! visualising yourself walking through this garden and taking rest upon the petals is one of my personal favourite visualisations to do and you don’t just have to sit amongst them, you can find a hilltop that overlooks a meadow of them too.


There is something easily about a rainforest with its vast lands, tall trees, and unsuspecting animals that make it a place to relax when in your mind. Walking through the rainforest and finding a spot amongst the huge leaves is extremely satisfying and also, we all know what good energy the earth has and if can not only imagine the sounds and the smells but imagine that powerful energy that we are surrounded by we will all be better off.. you may even reach a waterfall.


A Storm

This is a little contradictory for some as many people are terrified of storms but we must admit that lay in bed and hear gale force winds outside the walls and rain beating down on the rooftop makes us feel safe and cozy. This is why its a great place to visualise for peace and tranquillity. The sounds of rain itself are soothing enough. If you are struggling to get to that place or even to understand what I mean then just find a recording on the internet of the rain and play it if you cannot sleep.. you soon will!


The Fire

The sight of a naked flame can send us all into a trance. I know that when I like meditating I sometimes just stare at a candle. Visualising a roaring fireplace is a wonderful scene to visualise as it can send you off into a deep state of meditation. Sometimes, if you really get into it, you will even feel the warmth of the flames.

Whichever you choose will be the right one for you or maybe none of these are right for you, there are no rules. Maybe sat on a park bench with a loved one is your happy place or perhaps even thinking about walking your dog brings you back to centre. Whatever the method is for you, use it and use it whenever you want. Your mind is there to use and to empower, it is there to live in as much as the outer world is there to live in. Make sure that you take care of yourself, find that balance and harmony and be at one with the Universe.

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