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Guidelines and Disclaimer


Informed and Empowered is not a business or a company – it is simply the name given to this website to help readers and patrons find free mental health and empowerment resources online.  This website is run by Amy-Lynn Vautour and Nathalie Bonilla.


The majority of our team is not made up of licensed mental health professionals.  The information we supply is to be taken as information, not advice.

We are in no position to tell you what is right and what is wrong.  We are here simply to share things we have learned in our own lives and our opinions of theories and research which you may find helpful.

We encourage you to research any topics we cover so that you can form your own opinion as to their legitimacy and so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you will apply any of these ideas to your life.

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Paid Products and Services

Since Informed and Empowered is not a business, nothing purchasable here (products, services, etc.) are being sold by Informed and Empowered.  All products and services listed for sale on this website are being sold by the individuals involved in this website (our team and marketing partners) as independents or external companies.

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We really won’t ask too much of you here. We don’t mind occasional swearing, in case you haven’t noticed from some of our own posts. All we really ask is that you refrain from racial slander and treat everyone with respect when posting comments and creating conversation.