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Thanks for your interest in our Introduction to Personal Boundaries course!

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“Hi!  I’m Amy-Lynn.  I will be your instructor for the Introduction to Personal Boundaries course.  I have plenty of hands-on experience working healthy personal boundaries into my own life.  I’ve also had experience teaching them to others in a group counseling-style format.  In this course, you will learn what personal boundaries are, what a boundary violation is, and how you can erect healthier boundaries in your own life.

The course is rather easy – we didn’t want to overwhelm you in an introductory course!  Take your time with it, work at your own pace, and join us in our private Facebook group to discuss the course more fully.”


If you aren’t already registered to our website you will have to sign up to gain access to the course, but the entire course (including the BONUS E-book) is absolutely FREE.

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