Take your #healingjourney to the next level

This week on our YouTube channel, Nathalie and I went live to discuss our new bookDr. Anne Dranitsaris’s latest post on our website, the stigmas and confusion surrounding the idea of therapy and Suicide Prevention month.

Our New Book

Nathalie and I recently launched the Handbook for Personal Healing – a 41 page companion book for your #healingjourney that looks at some psychological and spiritual aspects of that journey.  We answer a few of the questions you asked on our facebook group and more.

Dr. Anne’s Post About Therapy

This week our blog featured a post by Dr. Anne Dranitsaris which talks about how you don’t need to be crazy to attend therapy.  Nathalie and I go into more detail about our own thoughts on this topic.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

It is suicide prevention month.  Nathalie and I talk a bit about our own experiences with suicide and what we have learned about prevention and open dialogue.

Suicide-Related Resources:

Living Works – Suicide Intervention and Talk Training

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention – Resources and Information

CMHA Suicide Information – Warning Signs and Reducing the Risk

Together to Live – Toolkit for Talking to Youth About Suicide

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