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Written by Amy & Nathalie

Over the past couple of weeks, the #metoo movement took the internet, social media, print media, and television media by storm. In our latest YouTube video, we discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movement.

A Brief History of the #metoo Movement

Tarana Burke actually started the #metoo movement to bring awareness to the realities and magnitude of sexual abuse.  A survivor herself, Tarana has spoken out about her experience and has encouraged other women to do the same in an effort to not only raise the awareness in society as a whole as a way to move toward change, but also to create a sense of community and comradery among women who have had sexual abuse experiences.

Since these experiences can be so violating, demeaning, and personal they can become so linked to feelings of self-blame and shame that women don’t reach out for help and don’t get the community-style healing that can be so important.  Burke created a platform (the original #metoo movement) for women to do just that.

Check out the #metoo movement’s website by clicking here.

In the wake of women stepping forward about Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood, actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter with the #metoo hashtag (which she did accredit to Burke) to give the budding movement a common tag to discuss their experiences and unite as a front.  We aren’t so certain she expected it to take the social media world by such storm or that it would cause such debate.

As with any issue, criticisms over the movement are on the to rise. For instance a major argument that I’ve encountered is that by sharing their often violent #metoo stories, it’s normalizing the violence that is accompanied by sexual attacks. It brings the argument of people becoming accustom to it the way that violence on the news has become the norm.

Others love the #metoo movement though. They’re sharing their stories, making connections, and building communities for survivors to have support and so they won’t feel alone. It’s bringing something that is usually marked with guilt and shame, into the light to be seen for what it really is; involuntary trauma.

The biggest question that surrounds this is; is #metoo enough?

Why Saying #metoo Is Important

There are two tremendous reasons why saying #metoo is important.

When someone says #metoo, you’re inspiring somebody else who is affected to say it as well. This movement is illuminating the dark world that survivors are traveling through. From not knowing there are so many others affected to perhaps not realizing the full extent of what they experienced, sharing experiences and announcing #metoo empowers yourself and others. It’s creating a community and bringing people together to address an issue that’s long needed it.

The second reason it’s so important is to bring awareness to the statistics. Sexual assaults are rarely reported and once reported an offender is rarely committed for their crimes. The numbers that are gathered typically come from anonymous surveys. While this is done to get more accurate numbers, not everyone is still honest or reached. It’s also a statistic that isn’t heard too often.

With the spread of #metoo comes greater awareness for everyone.

Why We Need to Do More than Just Say #metoo

Trending hashtags come and go. Before sitting down to right this I checked our Twitter and #metoo isn’t even showing up anymore. While I’m sure that it’s still reaching hundreds of people everyday, the change that is demanded with this movement requires more than just a hashtag.

So is #metoo enough? The answer is no. While it brings the harsh reality of this issue to more people and it brings home the importance of this issue, more will need to be done if change is to be incited. As the hashtag begins to subside, this issue needs to remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

Next Steps in the #metoo Movement

To keep this movement going strong and ending the stigma behind sexual assault, people still need to share their stories. They need to spread awareness to the matter and to the terrifying statistics. This isn’t a new issue and it won’t just go away. As men are coming forward to participate in this issue that is generally regarded as a ‘feminine issue’, it helps open doors to moving towards a society where this is no longer an issue.

We offer some other suggestions in our recent video as well.

Watch the video for more of our thoughts on the #metoo movement (which sometimes conflict).

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12 Responses

  1. arv

    I feel it is important to involve men in fight against sexual abuse. Men definitely need to come forward and help in this cause.

  2. Bhumi

    #Metoo is a strong movement. When I saw this in social medias, all of my and my friends stories flashed in front of me and I knew I HAVE to do this. Yes, it’s def not enough to so it once, we need to talk about things independently in real life and stand against them. #Metoo and I won’t let it happen ever again.

  3. Arra Odeza

    I think the #metoo campaign should apply to both men and women because both genders can be a sexual abuse victim. Men who suffer from sexual abuse don’t have much courage as women. But at the end both should equally be treated well, needs support, love and understanding. I hope more people can help to this cause.

    • Amy-Lynn Vautour

      Yes, though some of the effects can be different for men, women, or other genders, there are many similar feelings and negative effects regardles of gender, socioeconomic status, strength, etc. and all people deserve equal support in my own opinion.

  4. Amalia

    Hi Nathalie, really think this subject it’s really important and people should share their experiences! Although I never experienced this myself I know a lot of people that have suffered and they are coming out because of this movement!

  5. five little doves

    I think as with anything where celebrities speak out too, and the media picks up on it, changes will be made. I think it’s great that men and women are speaking out, and rightly so.

  6. Jeenu Pillai

    I saw this trending on internet and I knew I had to tell my female colleagues and friends and family to come forward and talk about it. Here in India, the issue is humongous. Being a woman in India is not easy, life for women is not easy. It is a continuous struggle, a fight that they experience every living moment. Eve-teasing, Domestic Violence, Prejudices, Inequality, Social evils targeted at humiliating them, Violence targeted in the name of manhood and traditions. I will say it is all bullshit. If we can’t treat a fellow human being with respect, we may as well die. #Metoo campaign definitely plays a major role is spreading awareness about the magnitude of the problem and as a human, irrespective of any gender, is our duty and responsibility that we do not our daughters, wives, mothers, friends suffer anymore.

  7. eliza

    This is a very good and powerful movement. I hope it can be applied to both men and women – as anyone can be a victim. And I hope that you can more people too. Keep us updated about this so we can further support.

  8. Stephanie Sherlock

    I cannot agree with you more. What stood out to me most when I was writing my #metoo statement was remembering the list of reasons that I had for not speaking out. I knew that if I spoke up it, I was going to be the one that looked bad and not the perpetrator. That needs to stop and come to an end. There should be no stigma on the victim for coming forward.

  9. Ana Ojha

    #Metoo campaign is a powerful movement! I too agree with Arra that it should be for men too as anyone who has gone through such circumstance should not feel ashamed to tell the world. Now it is time to let the world know who all are behind this shameful act!


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