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This past week on #talkalottuesdays Nathalie and I discussed self-forgiveness. In our opinion, the idea of forgiving yourself is tied to the way you perceive the things you have done in your life – whether you see them as things to feel guilty about or ashamed. The video is below, but first we wanted to give you a list of other posts on our site which may help explain our position and how you can change your outlook and move closer to self-forgiveness.

Is Shame Causing Your Depression?

A New Understanding of Depression

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A graduate from Athabasca University (Honour’s Bachelor of Psychology), and a former group facilitator at center for women, I am currently excited to be pursuing my career as a blogger, freelance writer and author. I am an avid reader and enjoy creating visual and musical art in my spare time. I enjoy meditating, reading, hiking, mountain biking, and gathering around the dining room table to play board games with my family.

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