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Halloween is here once again. Children dress up and wander their towns in search of sweet treats. Adults put themselves in situations of fear by watching scary movies with their friends and family to get into the Halloween spirits. This time, when the moon is at its fullest, is feared by some and embraced by others, but what happens to all that energy that we put out?

What is Halloween?

It is thought that Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain when they would light bonfires and wear costumes with the intention of warding off ghosts. Later on, November 1st was designated All Saints Day to honor all martyrs and saints by Pope Gregory III. These two soon merged to the point where All Saint Day incorporated traditions of Samhain. The night before this event was known as Hallows Eve and then later became Halloween.

Over the years, Halloween has become very heavily commercialized and a fun spin was put on it to allow everyone to join in and celebrate together by playing games such as trick-or-treat. Due to how Hollywood has spun it through the media, it has made many people afraid of what we do not know much about, and also keeps people out of experiencing something that could be very positive.


What Happens on Halloween?

Many believe that on Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead is thinner, allowing more spirits to show themselves. Of course, this mixed in with the energy of us all on this day makes an increase also as spirits rise through our energy. When we think of someone we have lost, our energy is strong which allows them to come to us. When we are sad and thinking of someone we miss, they are there watching over us. On Halloween, due to the volume of people doing this and focusing their energy on this, the more the spirits can come through to us. The energy of fear is just as strong and due to the event of Halloween and people putting fear into what they do, (dressing up as people they are afraid of or watching scary movies) the spirits can use this energy also.


What are ghosts?

The ghosts that some of us have the ability to see are built up energy forms and if someone is on the same frequency as they are, then they will be able to take that energy and create an image with it. We are also vibration, along with everything that we see around us so really, we are no different to these spirits except for the one obvious difference; we are in bodies and they are free. When we leave these bodies, we leave behind the energy that was surrounding us and so those who then wish to see them, can.

“Someone had a dramatic experience or an exciting experience in a place, so the energy was very powerful. People continue to activate it and keep it alive so that even those who weren’t part of that sometimes can see that. And so the easiest way for you to distinguish what is Source energy from what is a thought form is the intensity of it and the purity of it and the deliciousness of it. In other words, if there is Source energy associated with it, in this moment that you are participating it, it always feels delicious.” -Abraham Hicks, Portland Seminar, OR, 2003

Why are we afraid?

We tend to stay away from things that make us nervous or things we do not have a full understanding of. This is mainly due to what we have been told growing up, seen on TV or through stories we have been told. This creates fear over things that we possibly do not have to be afraid of, but what is fear? Is fear not just something that detaches us from our source? When we feel negative emotions towards something it is an indication of separation from self, meaning that if we are afraid seeing people that have passed over, it is a sign from your soul that there is nothing to be afraid of.

The fear of connection

We all have the ability to see, hear and feel the others that are around us if we tune into that frequency. For example, when we meditate we are clearing our minds to be able to see those around us. The reason many people choose to not do this is because they are afraid of what they may see, but if we keep our energy on a high frequency, we only bring in high energy. Spirits are a manifestation also, just like everything else we bring in. When we are in a great mood and on a high frequency we only experience other people on that same frequency. This goes the same for spirits also- they match to our frequency. On Halloween, many feel it necessary to experiment with games such as Ouija Boards which some believe to be unsafe. The reason that spirits can connect through these boards is because they are using the energy given off by the people doing it, which is normally the energy of fear which is extremely strong. However, if you are on the low frequency of fear, then the spirits communicating will be on that same frequency.

“Ghosts, like ladies, will never speak until spoken to” -Richard Harris Barham, The Spectre of Tappington, 1840

There is a wonderful story told by Esther Hicks about the time she and her husband Jerry went to the theater to see the well-known movie, ‘Ghost’. In this film, there is a very memorable scene towards the end where black shadows emerge from the darkness making horrific noises and suck the villain into the depths of hell because of his sins. During this scene, everyone in the theater was hiding behind their coats and lowering themselves in their seats but not Esther. She was the only one in the theater laughing because she knew how out of touch this scene was and how unrealistic. We are all here on this earth to learn, grow and evolve as spirits. The spirits we are so afraid of are actually the real us, living on a frequency that is our real home. It is us that are surrounded by these bodies and unable to see our true selves, the real us, so why be afraid of those back at home watching over us?

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