Take your #healingjourney to the next level

As you all probably know, Nathalie and I are huge believers in self-care.  We advocate for self-care here on our website, in our freebies, on our social media pages, and on our facebook group.  We recognize how difficult it can be to practice full and proper self-care, even when you need it most.  We recognize this difficulty because, as humans who love to give to others, we struggle with this, too.

As part of caring for ourselves, we are sad to announce that we must put Informed and Empowered on hold… for now.

Sometimes self-care means that we need to let go of certain things.  Even things that make us happy.  Prioritizing is never fun when something has to be taken off the list.  I won’t speak for Nathalie, I’ll let her do that on the video below.  For me, though, it is about making room for something else that has taken precedence right now: my health.  If you follow our blog you may know that I’ve struggled with my health over the past few years.  Unfortunately, it is at a point right now where I just can’t keep all the balls in the air, so to speak.  In order to take on the proper health care I need right now I have to take a step back from Informed and Empowered – I have to make space for new health care regimens that I am actually quite excited about.

This isn’t a time of only sadness, though it is hard to let go of I&E for now.  It’s also a time of hope – as we both move forward to grow into new phases of our lives.  We plan to come back as soon as we can and thank you all for your wonderful support and for hanging out with us on #talkalottuesdays and on our blog and social media channels.

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